Illustrator to watch out for 2021

 Picture courtesy by Karolina Jankoic/ @illustrate. Karolina. 

Located in Dublin, Ireland, Karolina Jankoic is a talented illustrator. Karolina is a God-gifted, talented lady and believes that it's never too late to start a career. She draws out everything, whether it be a living being, non-living thing, or the streets around. She is perfect at sketching down every character without even missing a minute detail. By building an Instagram account in December 2020 Karolina decided to highlight this secret talent of hers. Digital printing was the first-ever depiction she shared on her Instagram account and, in her caption, she looked incredibly enthusiastic and delighted to showcase her talent. On her Instagram account @illustrate. Karolina, you can check out all her incredibly amazing illustrative work. 


We interviewed Karolina Jankoic and asked her to answer few of our questions and that’s what she has to say:


Where does the inspiration come from?  

Inspiration is a funny word in my opinion. There are some days when I get inspired by everything. It could be anything, a window, a pedestrian shoe color, a movie, a song, chocolate, etc. And then there are some other days when I sit, hope, look for inspiration to illustrate and there’s nothing, only an empty, blank space. 


What is it to be an illustrator? 

I think being an illustrator is like being on a reality TV talent show. You are always being judged. You strive for perfection and you are your own worst judge. People judge you, they either love you or hate you. You go through ups and downs, and the public always decides who wins. But it is never boring to be an illustrator and is always fun. 


Did illustration help you strip away the chaos that the pandemic produced?

To be honest, the pandemic was the reason I managed to get back to my roots, and found time to work hard towards my artistic career. During this lockdown, drawing and illustrating has been an escape oasis for me as it allows me to forget what is actually happening outside.


Which illustration is your most favorite? 

Among my illustrations, it is hard to decide which one is my favorite. It's just like choosing between your clothes. You always have your favorite dress but at the same time, you have your favorite jeans as well. So, it always depends on what the day it is. 



    Picture courtesy by Karolina Jankoic/ @illustrate. Karolina. 

    Which one of your illustrations do you think better reflects your personality?

    Again, it's difficult for me to decide which illustration of mine better portrays my character. Sometimes it's dark and nostalgic and the other times it's bursting with happiness and colors.


    How do you stay focused and pushed?

    Honestly, you just do it. I am learning to stop judging myself and understanding that not everything I produce will be perfect. We learn the best through failing, so especially when I do not want to do a thing, I pick up a pencil, set myself a timer, and just go for it. When I am finished, I reward myself with a big fat glass of red wine. 


    From where do the ideas pop up in your illustrative mind?

    The ideas can pop up from anywhere and anything. Sometimes, they do and sometimes they don’t. So, as soon as an idea buzz hits me, I try to collect as much data as possible, to help me through my dry times.


    We see you illustrating women. How much do you believe in empowering women?

    I love female characters, for the depth of emotion they carry. And this motivates me to go on and allows me to get absorbed in the painting trying to translate that particular emotion. I am not saying that men are not emotional but I think I understand female emotions much better and thus, can illustrate them better. 


    In terms of your Instagram growth, what are your goals?

    Recently, I just felt comfortable to share my art on social media after having a serious conversation with myself and with the support of my closest friends and partner. In terms of growth, the sky is my limit. The real goal is to inspire as many people/artists/ women/ men, as possible. We all need to start somewhere and it is never too late to start. Listening to yourself and following your gut and passion, there is no age, gender, life restrictions to go for it. It is all up to you. Just be happy and share the happiness. 


    How was the experience while illustrating for  Luxury Virtual Assistant?

    I know I said I do not have any favorite illustration. But to be honest, the one I illustrated for Luxury Virtual Assistant, Suntharee Jaimun, is my favorite, at the moment. I loved this project so much. I am so happy that I had a chance to look into the beautiful mind of Suntharee Jaimun and to capture all her emotions, which flooded my heart. Thank You for being awesome. 


    Picture courtesy by Karolina Jankoic/ @illustrate. Karolina.