6 Top holiday destinations to visit in 2021

We have all been through a very stressful time in 2020 with the pandemic hitting all countries across the globe. As things are settling down, people are exploring new options to travel with safety and style at the same time. We have gathered our top 6 destinations for the luxury travelers who would love to explore and take time off to relax and unwind. 




Lake Como has become a sought after destination among luxury travelers.  Celebrities across the globe have been making their glamorous getaway into this alpine landscape situated in the northwest of Italy. It surely is an amalgamation of scenic beauty, history, and luxury all stirred up a notch by flocking celebrities flocking towards the destination for holidays, weddings, and anniversaries. The scenic beauty of five-star hillside lake hotels, cobbled streets, magnificent architecture, gigantic villas, and lively atmosphere adds to its glamour quotient.




This is an island that is said to have it all, from sandy beaches to pure turquoise blue water bays; it has been listed as a UNESCO world heritage of Bridgetown. This is the most beautiful tropical paradise known to man and it attracts luxury travelers for its serene beauty and bustling nightlife. You can just dance the night away by in participating the Bajan way line dance with the locals and enjoy your vacation with your friends and family. 




The Maldives has always captured the hearts of all tourists as they fall in love with the view once they set foot in the turquoise blue waters. It serves the most exquisite cocktails and overwaters private pool services to luxury travelers as they leave all their worries behind them in their private villas. Luxury cruises, ocean gliding with whales, and sipping champagne to the beautiful sunsets is the most luxurious private villas and resorts that transform the travelers living in a serene paradise.




If you are looking for a luxury paradise on earth, Seychelles has it all. With its breathtaking beaches, and lush green palm trees and hills, it captures the epitome of beauty. The most famous Mahé Island provides amazing resorts and restaurants in the heart of the capital city Victoria. It was chosen to be Prince Williams and Duchess Kate’s honeymoon destination and thus provides nothing but royalty to its guests. 




Morocco is blessed with four massive mountain ranges that encompass the Mediterranean located in the north to the Atlantic and Sahara desert in the south. It has breathtaking beauty of dynamic cities and coastlines merged. Marrakech is the best-known city of Morocco has its unique character.  The city is bustling with liveliness and in a constant hive among luxury travelers. As dusk falls the city comes to life. From colorful musicians and dancers to snake charmers and acrobats, it creates a unique cultural environment that pleases everyone’s hearts. The old souks of Medina portray culture with flavorful spices and antique art pieces that cannot be bought anywhere else in the world. Africa’s most luxury hotel Kasbah Tamadot provides top-notch services that please every guest looking for a luxury getaway. 




Bora Bora is named as the island of dreams. It has been favored by celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman, and Usain Bolt. Its serene beauty of sun and sand with adventurous activities makes it a go-to for many luxury travelers. Lagoon tours, diving, and parasailing are the most sought after adventures on the lagoon. Bora Bora offers many private villas overwater with a unique combination of mountain ranges covering the lagoon. 


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