Terms of Service



SJ Virtual Assistant's website has been accumulated in accordance with honesty. It gives data of an overall sort about the organisation, administrations, and services. While SJ Virtual Assistant has found a way to guarantee that such data is exact, the organisation makes no guarantees or portrayals–communicated or suggested–concerning the precision and fulfilment of this site and its data, or any sites connected to this site. Clients of this site, its data, and any sites connected to this site should depend exclusively on their evaluation and check. 

Neither SJ Virtual Assistant, nor the organisation’s associates, officials, and representatives, will be capable or obligated for any immediate, backhanded, accidental, significant, or uncommon misfortune or harms anyway emerging (regardless of whether by the careless act, exclusion, or something else) out of the utilisation of, or dependence upon, this site and its data, or any sites connected to this site. 




SJ Virtual Assistant clarifies that SJ Virtual Assistant will utilise its sensible undertakings to offer the types of assistance with sensible consideration and aptitude and, to the extent, sensibly care, as per your solicitation and guidelines now and then. Where SJ Virtual Assistant provides any service, supplies you with any merchandise or administrations provided by an outsider, at that point SJ Virtual Assistant is going about as your representative in sourcing the products or administrations. SJ Virtual Assistant will utilise sensible consideration in choosing the provider and guaranteeing the request is set as per your desires. For the evasion of uncertainty, SJ Virtual Assistant doesn't and won't give any portrayals or proposals corresponding to any of the data and recommendations included inside the administrations. You are considered being liable for and will utilise your expertise and judgment regarding the quality, worth, and appropriateness of such data and proposals corresponding to concluding whether to go into any agreement with any outsider for the inventory of administrations or offer of products. 


Your agreement for the acquisition of items or administrations is made with the important provider/accomplice/merchant, as it were. SJ Virtual Assistant goes about as a specialist for the provider/accomplice/merchant and, except if explicitly gave something else, every one of your privileges and solution is against the provider/seller/accomplice. SJ Virtual Assistant won't be answerable for items and administrations offered by SJ Virtual Assistant as specialists for the providers/merchants/accomplices or any part of the connection among you and a specific provider/seller/accomplice. SJ Virtual Assistant will anyway do all that it sensibly can to help you in any dealings you have with the provider/seller/accomplice. 


You concur that any agreement went into by you with any of the providers/merchants/accomplices is an autonomous agreement. SJ Virtual Assistant, therefore, renounces all risk for any demonstration or exclusion of any provider/seller/accomplice or any misfortune brought about by you because of any demonstration or oversight of a provider/merchant/accomplice whether orchestrated through SJ Virtual Assistant. SJ Virtual Assistant acknowledges no risk for any misfortunes or cases emerging from any powerlessness to get to the site or any inability to finish an exchange. 


Save regarding death and individual injury brought about by the carelessness of SJ Virtual Assistant or as explicitly accommodated in these Terms and Conditions, SJ Virtual Assistant will not be at risk for any misfortune, cost, cost, or harm of any nature whatever (regardless of whether immediate or roundabout) coming about because of the arrangement of the administrations or your dependence upon the data and recommendations given by SJ Virtual Assistant hereunder and the subsequent stock of products and enterprises to you by any outsider. SJ Virtual Assistant will have no risk to you for any misfortune, harm, costs, costs, or different cases for remuneration emerging from solicitations or directions provided by you which are inadequate, off base, or emerging from their late appearance or non-appearance, or some other issue regarding yourself. SJ Virtual Assistant will not be at risk to you or be considered being in penetrating of these Terms and Conditions because of any postponement in performing, or any inability to play out, any of SJ Virtual Assistant's commitments corresponding to the administrations if the deferral or disappointment was because of any reason past SJ Virtual Assistant's sensible control. 




SJ Virtual Assistant effectively gives admittance to a great many occasions far and wide through various ticket specialist accomplices. SJ Virtual Assistant isn't the backer, unique merchant, or an affiliate of tickets. If it's not too much trouble note that regularly when buying tickets, you are buying tickets above presumptive worth, which may incorporate help charge(s) reflecting expenses and endeavours in acquiring premium seats. Ticket costs are not set by SJ Virtual Assistant and are liable to economic situations and requests. 


On the occasions of show abrogation’s straightforwardly by the craftsman/advertiser, SJ Virtual Assistant will give a discount. SJ Virtual Assistant or its ticket specialist accomplice will dispatch your tickets by messenger administration. If you don't mind note that neither SJ Virtual Assistant nor its ticket specialist accomplices can be held obligated for any disappointment by the dispatch to convey your tickets.