SJ offers a luxury business and personal assistant service worldwide. Your Luxury Virtual Assistant takes on everyday tasks, allowing families & businesses to concentrate on other more valuable activities of their life. SJ Luxury Assistant is passionate about delivering superlative service to ensure that they completely satisfy our clients.




Your Luxury Virtual Assistant will sort out all of your travel documents, itineraries, visas, passports, flights, fast-track service, hotel reservations and chauffeurs. Our team of dedicated travel specialists has journeyed across the globe to personally experience the world’s best destinations and travel experiences.

We have vast experience of travelling and managing itineraries in all types of travel. We have traveled far across luxury beach resorts, safe havens, country clubs, treetop vacations, and desert safaris. We specialise in business trips and vacations with immaculate planning so you can enjoy every minute of your trip with the peace of mind that you deserve. 



Personal Shopping


Are you struggling with the decision of presenting the perfect gift to your loved ones for an anniversary, wedding, or Birthday? Do you often face the tough decision of what gift to bring to a housewarming party? Now you don’t have to worry anymore. Our style experts are professionals with immaculate taste in fashion, unique collectibles, and creative gifts for that special someone.

We have all the latest designer styles, luxury watches, unique jewelry pieces, and precious artworks within our reach. Our luxury personal shoppers have your every wish list covered with their vast experience and finest taste in the industry. They have served clients from every walk of life and have a wide variety of choices to provide you with the most exquisite shopping experience.



Admin Services


SJ Virtual Assistant provides high-quality general administration for businesses and homes. You can give your Virtual Assistant a "to do" list and the tasks will be completed ticked off perfectly- from paying bills, organizing calendars, managing a contact list, scheduling meetings, invoicing, dealing with contractors and maintenance, data entry, creating, editing, and formatting presentations, and documents. You can delegate any task and our virtual assistant will have it completed within the specified time with perfect results. 




Social Media Management 


Our Virtual Assistant can help you grow your business through the use of different social media platforms. We help you in developing and implementing the perfect social media strategy to increase your business online presence that can improve your marketing and sales efforts. We deliver high-quality service in managing and overseeing social media content and creating reports to monitor the success of every social media campaign of your business.




Reservations and Bookings


Do you need help reserving a table at a specific restaurant, hotel, or spa day? Do you stumble upon ideas on where to go for a weekend away but get confused with so many options? Well, you can now leave all those worries to your luxury Virtual Assistant for a perfect, tailor-made experience just for you.










Our Luxury Virtual Assistant can help with your party planning, sourcing venues, managing entertainers, catering, photographers, and any other support required for an exceptional event. We have vast experience in organising luxury events and have served many high-end clients over the years. 







Online Research


SJ Virtual Assistant will take on any task that you need help with. If you need help in locating the best real estate opportunity, finding the best school for your children, or fixing your next doctor’s appointment, Let your Virtual Assistant research for you and share the top insights from a vast sea of knowledge saving you time and energy to focus on the best things in life i.e. your peace of mind.