Why should you hire SJ Virtual Assistant?


• Relieve stress

• More time for your family & friends

• More freedom

• Organising your to-do list and calendar

• Save money & boost production

• Enhance the organisation of your business

• Offer 24/7 customer service


Superior 24/7 Customer Service

There is a huge disadvantage when a Company’s customers are spread across the world and into different geographical regions, and your employees are stationed in one place. It is challenging to cater to international time zones and global demands. 

As SJ Virtual Assistant work remotely, you can hire us to cater to different time zones. Your employees can thus maintain an outstanding work-life balance, and your Company will be able to provide 24/7 customer services using a blend of in-house employees and SJ Virtual Assistant.

Increase Efficiency through Outsourcing of Tasks

When you hire SJ Virtual Assistant, your Business focuses its time and resources on the Company’s core competencies. Most Companies and Entrepreneurs spend their crucial and precious time in mundane non-core activities such as:

Sending Emails and newsletters

Research on the internet

Managing customer queries

Data entry

Scheduling meetings

These tasks are also important but as they are not necessary to perform in-house they can be sublet to SJ Virtual Assistant. When in-house employees complete these tasks, it takes a significant portion of their time to spend on other crucial tasks that require absolute physical presence. When you outsource these activities, you can be free from these non-core activities and spend that valuable time in core activities. 

Scaling your Business Operations Fast

SJ Virtual Assistant help you to scale your business operations immensely. As you can hire the right talent at any stage of a project, it gives you the freedom to manage your workforce and relieves the recruitment process of undue stress when the work demands increase. 

You can hire SJ Virtual Assistant on an urgent basis as well when the scope of your Business increases suddenly, and then hire full-time employees when processes are more aligned.



Enhanced Strategic Thinking

As SJ Virtual Assistant can perform your non-core activities, it leaves you more time to focus on the growth of your business. It also helps you to make long-term planning and goal setting for better performance and long-term success.



Reduced costs

The overhead costs are drastically reduced by using SJ Virtual Assistant instead of permanent employees for doing small tasks. You can pay SJ Virtual Assistant as per hours spent on a specific job cutting down your operating costs and overheads i.e. internet connection, laptop, or other office space-related expenses. 

You can save training costs by hiring already trained and expert SJ Virtual Assistant, saving time and resources for the Company.





We at SJ Virtual Assistant provide excellent services in every domain that can help you enhance your work activities in no time! From handling your phone calls and emails to managing your social media accounts, we free up your time so you can focus on strategic decisions and core activities to run a successful business.