Why is having a Virtual Personal Shopper the next big thing in the Luxury industry?

We all must agree that the greatest luxury in life is Time! You can spend this time doing mundane and routine operational work,  or truly enjoy by delegating your tasks to the right person and have the peace of mind that you deserve after all these years of hard work.


So let’s see why you need a luxury personal shopper in your life? 


1. They do more than just shopping


When you think of a personal shopper you visualize a person who is always at the mall shopping. That is not true! 

While buying clothes and shoes is a big part of being a personal shopper, it is not their only task. The luxury personal shopper works in collaboration with Sales associates of high-end Brands to keep a check on the most exclusive piece and luxury products that are yet to be launched in the market, putting valuable and stylish products on hold and visualizing their clients in each bespoke piece to add to their suggestion list. They stay up to date with all the latest fashion trends, anticipate their client’s luxury needs, and solve their wardrobe dilemmas before they even come out of the closet. They become a virtual part of their daily life. 


2. They do their research about the Client


The personal shopper’s work starts long before they begin to shop for the client. They perform extensive research about each client, their tastes and preferences, their size and measurements, their current wardrobe, finding pieces that would complement their existing wardrobe, analyzing items that do not fit their body now, and finding reasons so their client doesn’t make the same mistake again. They are in touch with the latest trends in the industry but they keep in mind their client at the center of everything. Personal shoppers can virtually have fashion sessions with their clients and refer bespoke pieces that they shop from luxury Brands for their clients. This saves their client a lot of time and effort to find the perfect pieces to add to their wardrobe.  


3. They know different body types and their styling


Personal shoppers have vast experience in dealing with all body types and sizes. They have extensive experience in styling Men and Women alike and use their knowledge to customize and suggest the best pieces for their clients according to their body type, age, and size. They also have their understanding of fabrics and garment materials, how they will feel on the body as everyone wants comfort and style paired together.


4. They customize their package for every client


Not all personal shoppers have the same rate for all their clients. They customize their package according to their client’s needs and cater to all types of client budgets. But one thing is for sure that they do their best for every client as they value long term relationships. 


5. They always go an extra mile for their clients


Personal shoppers manage to make their clients their priority. So if it is a fashion emergency or a last-minute request, they take it as their utmost mission to deliver their best to their clients on the required timeline.


6. They shop for more than just clothes, bags, and shoes


It is often through that personal shoppers are only for females buying clothes, shoes, and bags. This is a misconception. After the revolution in the luxury industry, it is not only clothes and shoes that can make you look like a celebrity. You need to complement it with other items that make you stand out among the crowd. A luxury personal shopper also has close links with all luxury Brands for watches, elusive Art, bespoke antique pieces, limited edition makeup and perfumes, luxury jeweler, and gifts for loved ones. Both men and women can use luxury personal shoppers to their advantage. 


 About the Author


For those of you who are looking for a luxury and premium shopping experience, you don’t have to look too far. Suntharee Jaimun is a highly qualified Virtual Assistant as she has traveled worldwide and established her Brand internationally while working for luxury companies. She has also established a trusted name in the Personal styling niche for her clients in the lifestyle Business and has assisted in the renowned Fashion week. She can source the latest designs of every luxury product you can imagine by saving you time and effort as she has a valuable reputation in the luxury industry. 

You can contact the author at sj@virtualpersonal-assistant.com