Art Basel 2021

Art Basel 2021- A sensation in Art


If you are passionate about art you would have already known about Art Basel and attended its yearly events. For those of you who want to know more about this happening event here is all you need to know about this Art sensation.


Art Basel is a renowned international art fair conducted annually in Basel, Switzerland; Miami Beach, Florida and Hong Kong. It works in collaboration with the host city's local institutions and enhances local and international art programs. It has attracted a massive number of Art fans and students flocking from all over the world to see these spectacular Art exhibitions. These exhibitions provide a platform for art galleries and buyers to meet at these luxury events and appreciate and buy Art. 

The judging committee consists of four dealers who review art dealers' plans and select the winners in a four-day session that is conducted many months ahead of each exhibition. Art enthusiasts and Artists have to pay to get their booths set up in this extraordinary Exhibition of the year.


Basel, Switzerland


The inception of Art Basel was started in 1970 by famous gallerists Ernst Beyeler, Trudl Bruckner, and Balz Hilt. In the first year, the Basel show attracted more than 16,000 visitors, and they viewed work presented by 90 galleries from ten different countries. Numerous art publishers also participated in the grand event. In a short period of five years, the Basel show reached 300 exhibitors from 21 countries, attracting 37,000 visitors.

In 2019 Basel show a massive audience of 93,000 visitors visited the galleries over six days. There were 290 galleries from 35 countries, exhibiting the work of more than 4,000 artists. This massive turnout had private collectors from Europe, America, and Asia, that represented over 400 museums and institutions from across the world. 

Due to the pandemic situation across the globe, the exhibition for 2021 will be conducted in Messe Basel from September 23-26 with preview days on September 21 and 22. This postponed date will allow Art Basel to offer the best possible visitor health and safety protection so it can allow the broadest possible international audience to attend the show with safety.


Miami Beach, Florida


Art Basel Miami Beach was introduced in 2002 under the supervision of Sam Keller. In 2019 the Miami Beach, Florida, presented 269 leading international galleries from 29 countries. Over five days, the show attracted more than 81,000 visitors including private collectors and directors, curators, trustees, and patrons of nearly 200 museum and institution groups. More than 20 galleries were shown in Miami Beach for the first time. In 2015, the show hosted first-time collectors from countries such as Cambodia, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Romania, Togo, and Zimbabwe.

The next exhibition of Art Basel in Miami Beach will take place from December 2 to December 5, 2021, with preview days on December 1 and December 2, 2021.


Hong Kong


In 2008, MCH Group, Angus Montgomery Arts, and the event’s organiser Tim Etchells launched Art HK, which sparked huge investor interest in Hong Kong. The Art Basel Hong Kong was created in 2013 by MCH at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

2019, Art Basel Hong Kong Exhibition which was directed by Adeline Ooi, attracted a record attendance of 88,000 visitors, directors, curators, trustees, and patrons from over 130 leading international museums and institutions. There were 242 galleries from more than 35 countries. The 2020 edition of the fair was canceled due to the spread of the coronavirus Pandemic. The 2021 edition of Art Basel Hong Kong will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) from May 21 to May 23, 2021, with preview days on May 19 and May 20, 2021.


Art Basel Initiatives


Art Basel's main objective is to promote all types of art through diverse mediums. Art Basel’s most important initiatives include Art Basel Cities, BMW Art Journey, Crowdfunding, and The Art Market.

  • Art Basel Cities is a project between Art Basel and worldwide cities to create cultural events throughout the year. It works when Art Basel, the city's local art stakeholders, and the city's officials discuss and develop a program in line with the city's cultural development goals. 
  • BMW Art Journey Award is a unique grant that supports emerging creative artists and enables their artistic journey of their self-definition. The chosen artist selects a destination and can travel anywhere in the world to explore ideas, themes, and enhance their creative energy into their work.
  • The Crowdfunding Initiative is a partnership between Kickstarter and Art Basel that enhances support for different projects from non-profit organizations around the world. These initiatives vary from education programs, public installations, and other innovative artistic projects. 
  • The Art Market is an annually conducted global art market analysis covering all aspects of the international market and then publishes reports.


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