7 home workouts to try during this lockdown

With the pandemic affecting all nations around the world, we all have to go through a very stressful time and we all have been compelled to be trapped within our homes. In such a situation, you must have assumed that you would lose track of your daily workout schedule and this will impact your fitness standard. Well, that isn’t the case. To keep yourself fit, healthy and glowing even during the lockdown, you can join these basic and quick workout training sessions.



Louisa Drake (www.louisadrake.com) is a celebrity trainer who assists people virtually in a range of total body fitness workouts. The Louisa Drake Method is a workout of about 20-30 minutes targeting every single muscle group in your body. This workout is highly efficient and can keep your body and mind in peace. All you need to grab is a mat, few light weights, a softball and done. If you wish to make the workout a bit challenging, you may add ankle weights as well. Louisa Drake offers £90 for a four-week training session or £7 for a single class lesson. 



Are you the kind of person who easily gets bored on the mat? Well, join Isa-welly Pilate Online Class (www.isawelly.com) and you won’t be bored anymore. Isa-Welly Locoh-Donou is a fitness trainer offering a killer workout with a blend of Pilates and cardio along with a fantastic music playlist. Isa-Welly promises his clients unique, safe, and exciting workouts and offers £7 per class. 



The P. Volve strength training is gaining increasing popularity nowadays. The P. Volve method (www.pvolve.com) is regarded as a combination of physical therapy, physical fitness, and hip-opening movements offering a yearly plan of about £141.  This method can help your mind connect to your muscles. It’s high resistance and low impact workouts of about 50 minutes energize your body. All you need to purchase is a P. Ball, P. 3 trainer, and P. Band for this training. Are you thinking from where you can get those? Well, don’t worry, all types of equipment are available on the site and you can easily get them from there at a discounted price. 



Are you obsessed with yoga? If yes, you might have heard of Shona Vertue, a famous yoga trainer. The Vertue Method fitness training (www.shonavertue.com) aims to focus on the areas of your body you won’t normally work on. The Vertue Method 12-Week Fitness training program only in £39.99 provides you with 12 real-time workout videos, one real-time yoga video of about 30 minutes, and a recipe book containing over 30 appetizing recipes. 



Equinox health clubs are famous and well-renowned for providing indoor workouts since 1991. Variis app (www.variis.com) is a fitness training app launched by Equinox company. You can access Equinox, SoulCycle, and Pure Yoga, all in one app only for £33 every month. The at-home cycling bike is also available to be purchased on the app within 1-3 weeks delivery time at your doorsteps.  The app also provides a 7-days free trial to its customers. Exciting, Isn't it?



Does it sound strange to you? But actually, it isn’t. Many individuals enjoy dancing for their own personal enjoyment. Dan’s at home (www.athome.dans.co.uk) is an IRL dance studio with a Latin-American vibe, that offers you exciting and full of fun dance workouts from the privacy of your home during this lockdown only in £11.99 every month. Additionally, Dan's at home is also offering a 7-days free trial. So, what are you waiting for?



Centr Fusion (www.centr.com) is a fitness training website that offers you a range of workouts including HIIT, boxing, and more. The training program offers you a six-week session with almost zero equipment's that you can easily perform at your home within 20-40 minutes. The world-class trainers create a workout plan for beginners and also modify your existing training plans. The workout offered by Centr Fusion help to lose weight and find peace of mind. There's a free trial, then a monthly subscription plan for £22.99, afterward.



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